Does Hemocyl Really Work?

Find out if and how Hemocyl really works and if this can help you overcome the problem of Hemorroids. It is a shocking that 75% of adults will be affected by Hemorrhoid.

However, we have good new, because Hemocylcan works in 95% of cases. If not, no worries just get your money back with the 90 day money back offer. These trials were carried out by 4 doctors who tested this form of treatment on their patients.

Buy Hemocyl TabletsI know from personal experience, that Hemorroids can be very painful. Just 2 months ago I experienced Hemorroids for the very first time (and hopefully the last). The pain was so intense – it felt like I had broken glass in my bottom and even when I moved slight I would get shooting pains in that area.

Hemorrhoid Problems

I spoke to my brother-in-law – he is 15 years older than be and told me how he has also suffered from Hemorroids (for 20 years). I was shocked, however I thought there just be a way to deal which them. So, I tried Hemocyl and this managed to get the job done  and (touch wood), they wont be coming back. I know they worked for me and I cant see why they wont work for you.

Buy Hemocyl CapsulesAnyway, thats enough of my story, just the thought of describing it makes me cringe, so rather than dwell  on me we will have a look at the science behind Hemocyl.

Clinical Studies On The Effects Of Hemocyl

I have been searching the internet and looking for concret proof on the positive effects which Hemocyl can have. I cam across the main study done on these tablets and have added a copy of study for you to read.

I am treating people from anorectal disorders for 33 years as specialist-surgeon.

My patients are people from all ex Yugoslav countries. Most of the patients are middle age people where younger patients are rare.

In this testing of Hemocyl I didn’t concentrate only on hemorrhoidal problems but also on anorectal fissure or anal ulcer. It is partly splited anal area fra.”L ulcere variqeux del anus”. This disease is closely connected with anal varics like hemorrhoids also.

Symptoms: pain and prickle are more intense compared with hemorrhoids. Pain is irritating whole surrounding – perineum, bladder, koccigeum surroundings, it irritate anal sphincter – convulsion, pain is often transmitted to bladder and make impulse for urinating etc.

Anal fissure pain is typical, it comes when defection is made or after it. Pain is felt because of peeled mucous membrane above anal fissure where nerves on the bottom of anal fissure stayed uncovered, so when stool comes over them patient feel pain.

Beside pain, patients suffer from bleeding and fear. Fear is present because of tough stool, so patient delays it and made situation even worst – it dehydrate stool so it become even tougher and make even more pain.

Bleeding: is present in the stool or it could be seen on toilet paper. Treatment: I use all metodes for treating hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
First I use conservative treatment, after I use other metodes – mostly sclerosis of anal fissures.

Testing of Hemocyl
220 patients where treated with Hemocyl.

Results are:
145 patient or 65% got complete relief
44 patients or 20% got partially relief
for 33 patients or 15% I don’t have complete data to claim exact results.

All patients that took Hemocyl are very satisfied, they have much less problems like bleeding, burning, objective and subjective symptoms disappear, patients feel very good, their ”spirit” is back and they are capable for work.

I use Hemocyl as a conservative treatment, but also after surgery of hemorrhoids or anal fissure because of all mentioned reasons above.

Hemocyl is very efficient medicament as conservative treatment, also it remits symptoms after surgery.

I have to underline that in most cases after using Hemocyl all hemorrhoidal symptoms, symptoms of anorectal fissures, or symptoms after surgery become almost indiscernible. This is major success for doctor and their patients.
With Hemocyl surgery could be prolonged for long period of time.

Dr. Lj. Hidajed – Surgeon,
Kumrovecka 4, Prizren,
Kosovo, Serbia